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  1. Inter-Disciplinary Research Challenges in Computer Systems for the 2020s
    by Albert Cohen, Xipeng Shen, Josep Torrellas, James Tuck, and Yuanyuan Zhou,
    Report on the NSF-sponsored Visioning Workshop on Inter-Disciplinary Research Challenges in Computer Systems, March 2018. The ACM Digital Library also has a copy of the report.
  2. LORE: A Loop Repository for the Evaluation of Compilers
    by Zhi Chen, Zhangxiaowen Gong, Justin Szaday, David Wong, David Padua, Alexandru Nicolau, Alexander Veidenbaum, Neftali Watkinson, Zehra Sura, Saeed Maleki, Josep Torrellas, and Gerald DeJong,
    International Symposium on Workload Characterization (IISWC), October 2017. [Presentation slides].
  3. 21st Century Computer Architecture
    by Mark Hill, Sarita Adve, Luis Ceze, Mary-Jane Irwin, David Kaeli, Margaret Martonosi, Josep Torrellas, Thomas Wenisch, David Wood and Katherine Yelick,
    A Community White Paper, Computing Community Consortium, May 2012. [Presentation slides]
  4. Failure is not an Option: Popular Parallel Programming
    by J.Torrellas, M.Oskin, S.Adve, G.Almasi, L.Ceze, A.Chtchelkanova, C.Das, B.Feiereisen, W.Harrod, M.Hill, J.Hiller, S.Kannan, K.Kant, C.Kozyrakis, J.Larus, R.Murphy, O.Mutlu, S.Narayanasamy, K.Olukotun, Y.Patt, A.Sivasubramaniam, K.Skadron, K.Strauss, S.Swanson, and D.Tullsen,
    Report from the CCC-Sponsored First Workshop on Advancing Computer Architecture Research (ACAR-1),
    released October 2010. [Summary slides]
  5. Laying a New Foundation for IT: Computer Architecture for 2025 and Beyond
    by M.Oskin, J.Torrellas, C.Das, J.Davis, S.Dwarkadas, L.Eeckhout, B.Feiereisen, D.Jimenez, M.Hill, M.Kim, J.Larus, M.Martonosi, O.Mutlu, K.Olukotun, A.Putnam, T.Sherwood, J.Smith, D.Wood, and C.Zilles,
    Report from the CCC-Sponsored Second Workshop on Advancing Computer Architecture Research (ACAR-2),
    released December 2010. [Summary slides]
  6. Guest Editor's Introduction
    by Josep Torrellas,
    IEEE Micro Special Issue: Micro's Top Picks from Computer Architecture Conferences, January-February 2006.
  7. SmartApps: An Application-Centric Approach to High Performance Computing
    by Lawrence Rauchwerger, Nancy Amato, and Josep Torrellas,
    Thirteen International Workshop on Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing (LCPC), August 2000.

  8. Scal-Tool: Pinpointing and Quantifying Scalability Bottlenecks in DSM Multiprocessors
    by Yan Solihin, Vinh Lam, and Josep Torrellas,
    SC 99, November 1999. [Presentation slides]

  9. A Direct-Execution Framework for Fast and Accurate Simulation of Superscalar Processors
    by Venkata Krishnan and Josep Torrellas,
    International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT), October 1998.

  10. The Augmint Multiprocessor Simulation Toolkit for Intel x86 Architectures,
    by Anthony-Trung Nguyen, Maged Michael, Arun Sharma, and Josep Torrellas,
    1996 International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD), October 1996.

  11. Low Perturbation Address Trace Collection with Simple Hardware Performance Monitors,
    by Russell Daigle, Chun Xia, and Josep Torrellas,
    Submitted for publication to a Journal, 1995.

  12. Scalable Shared-Memory Architectures: Introduction to MiniTrack,
    by Josep Torrellas,
    28th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), January 1995.

  13. Computer Architecture Education at the University of Illinois
    by Josep Torrellas,
    IEEE Computer Architecture Technical Committee Newsletter, February 1999.

  14. Computer Architecture Education at the University of Illinois: Current Status and Some Thoughts,
    by Josep Torrellas,
    IEEE Computer Architecture Technical Committee Newsletter, June 1996.