Abdullah Muzahid

PhD Student
Department of Computer Science at UIUC
Intel PhD Fellow, 2011
Mavis Future Faculty Fellow, 2011
Sohaib and Sara Abbasi Fellow,2006

Research Interests:

Parallel computer architecture, programmability of parallel systems, concurrency bug detection and avoidance, parallel programming models.

Selected Publications

Conference Papers


  • Abdullah Muzahid, Dario Suarez, Shanxiang Qi and Josep Torrellas, Architectural Support for Detecting Data Races and Atomicity Violations, IDF 2009
  • Abdullah Muzahid and Le-Chun Wu, Performance Evaluation of Dynamic Thread Balancing in Google Threading Library, Google Summer Intern Project Poster Show 2008

Contact Information

Siebel Center for Computer Science, Room 4238
University of Illinois
201 N Goodwin
Urbana, IL 61801
Phone (217) 244-2445
Cell (217) 819-0727
E-mail: muzahid2 at illinois.edu
Homepage: http://iacoma.cs.uiuc.edu/students/muzahid.html