The University of Illinois OpenSPARC Center of Excellence

The University of Illinois OpenSPARC Center of Excellence is dedicated to computer architecture, compilation, and security research on the highly-parallel UltraSPARC Chip Multi-threaded (CMT) processor from Sun Microsystems. The Center leverages the UltraSPARC T1 and UltraSPARC T2 designs to provide a first-class experimental infrastructure to their researchers. The Center also emphasizes education on CMT processors.

The faculty involved are:

Josep Torrellas, Computer Science (Leader)

Craig Zilles, Computer Science
David Padua, Computer Science
Deming Chen, Electrial and Comp. Engineering
Maria Garzaran, Computer Science
Samuel King, Computer Science
Sarita Adve, Computer Science
Vikram Adve, Computer Science
Yuanyuan Zhou, Computer Science

Article: Sun executive Dr. David Yen presents the Center with a plaque, September 2007.
Sun OpenSPARC Conference at Sun Labs, December 2008:

Talk by Deming Chen on "Variation-Aware Chip Design for Reliability and Performance": Slides
Talk by Josep Torrellas on "Timing Speculation: Designing Multi-Cores for Single-Thread Performance": Slides
Talk by Samuel King on "Building Practical Deterministic Replay Systems for Multiprocessors": Slides
Talk by Sarita Adve on "SWAT: Designing Resilient Hardware by Treating Software Anomalies": Slides

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