Augmint: A multiprocessor simulator

Augmint is a public-domain execution-driven multiprocessor simulation environment for Intel x86 architectures, running UNIX or Windows NT. It is based on MINT, but takes the augmentation approach of Tangolite.

Source code

Papers and documentation

  1. A-T. Nguyen, M. Michael, A. Sharma, J. Torrellas, The Augmint Multiprocessor Simulation Toolkit for Intel x86 Architectures, Proceedings of 1996 International Conference on Computer Design, October 1996.
  2. A. Sharma, A-T. Nguyen, J. Torrellas, M. Michael, J. Carbajal, Augmint: A Multiprocessor Simulation Environment for Intel x86 Architectures, CSRD Technical Report 1463, March 1996.
  3. Augmint User's guide.
  4. Mint User's guide - useful for writing your own backends.

Need memory backends

Augmint does not include a memory backend, thus requiring users to develop one from scratch. If you have a memory backend that you would like to share (e.g., a NUMA simulator), please send us a copy. We will select and post the most appropriate ones.

If you have any questions about Augmint, please let us know.
Important! If you download Augmint, please send us a mail. We intend to create a mailing list to keep you updated on future releases.
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